Portland based Artist Crystal Baxley at EXO

Artist: Crystal Baxley

Title: You’re So Vain

Year: 2012

Materials: Nylon Flag and Sharpie

Dimensions: 23.75 x 34.5 inches


Artist Statement:

I was going to make a flag that said “say what you mean” on the front and “mean what you say” on the back, and the title of the flag was going to be “I’ll Bet You Think This Flag Is About You”. I told this to my friend and teacher Jen Delos Reyes and she told me that she thought that it would be a much stronger piece if instead I wrote “I’ll Bet You Think This Flag is About You” on the flag and changed the title to “You’re So Vain”. I think she’s right, so that’s what I did. Thanks, Jen.



Crystal Baxley considers collaboration, conversation, facilitation, and administration to be the foundational practices of her art work. Her projects have most recently been shown at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and The Henry Art Gallery in Seattle.