Jodie Cavalier: Unconditional

IMG_1470Jodie Cavalier, Unconditional, 2013

Artist Statement:

white flag
Main Entry: white flag

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: unconditional surrender Synonyms: backing down, capitulation, caving in, flag of truce, giving in, retreat, submission, throwing in the towel, truce flag

Main Entry: truce

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: peaceful solution Synonyms: accord, agreement, amnesty, armistice, break, breather, cease-fire, cessation, de-escalation, detente, halt, intermission, interval, letup, lull, moratorium, olive branch, pause, peace, reconciliation, reprieve, respite, rest, stay, suspension, temporary peace, terms, treaty, wind-down
red flag

Main Entry: red flag
Part of Speech: noun

Definition: warning signal Synonyms: casus belli, delicate subject, red light, red rag, sore point