Marilyn Skalberg


 for which it stands
clear trash liner (polyethylene), thread, brass grommets
27″ x 43″
for which it stands
vexillology: the study of flags

asserting its position: mine. theirs, ours, yours. surface, marker of time, tradition, identity, routine, draped, folded, furled/unfurled, sun-bleached, tattered,
I pledge nothing!

proxy, myth, man-made, war, manufactured, not precious, nothing more, nothing less, salute no flag, capture the flag, flag on the play, throw the flag,
people over nation.

never listening, resolute, unwavering waving, unfaltering, declaration, pronouncement, exclamation, herald, message, identity, marker, unambiguous, standard, allegiance, indivisible, for all,
once and for all.

irritating, limiting, shielding, aggressive, exclusivity, inclusivity, pride, arrogance, honor, greed, blind allegiance, symbol, unambiguous, never never doubting, never listening, nor distrusting, nor disloyal,

dependent on being seen. dependent on being understood. either you is or you ain’t. deny, treason, breach, transparency,
I declare!

never is the flag: no maybe…, yeah but… however…, well…, maybe sorta kinda.  things the wind already knows, between physical and conceptual states,  potential, imperfect, tension, deliberation, indecision, propaganda,

hoist, canton, center, charge, fly, width, length, mast, thread, cloth, color, sew, stitch, grommet, warning, surrender, aggression, protocol, nationalism, rebellion, decoration, potent, military, ceremony, absence, presence, uniter, divider,