Jessica Minckley

by exoprojectspace

Jessica Minckley

Surrender Totem , 2013

Acrylic on vinyl

113 x 28 inches

Jessica Minckley is a Los Angeles artist, writer, curator and teacher.
Through video, performative reading, sculptural installation and discreet, painterly images, my work deals with personal agency- where and how power is activated- and its absence; resulting in hopelessness, futility, immobilization and possibly, failure. This investigation insists on representation of, or the implication of a figure, the image of a body, as a foundational element which stems from my background in observational drawing. All the while my work is undermining the means of certain forms of language to communicate toward certain clarity, relying instead on slippery visual cues to affect and evocate viewers.
This work, is one in a long series of totems for Minckley. The totem- monolithic, phallic sculpture- is of interest to Minckley for its potential spiritual properties and it’s inherent colloquialism about male hierarchy. This flag, Surrender Totem, turns the flag pole of EXO into a transient transcendental moment, and turns the obelisk into a triangle. A crotch, if you will, flapping in the Illinois breeze.